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Video Marketing: Some Popular Campaigns

Video is the future of online marketing, and the future is now! It has become an effective tool for reaching a large target audience. Video is the best way to bring your message to life.

Always consider the audience you are trying to reach, and ensure the video is relevant to them. Whether you wish to entertain or inform, your videos need to look professional in order to portray a level of trust in your business. Typically there is some price sensitivity when it comes to advertising budgets, but video production is now more affordable than ever and should definitely be incorporated into a business’ overall marketing budget. More than half of all companies are now making use of the medium and profiting from it.

Here are some examples of companies who took advantage of online video marketing and captured the attention of not only their existing consumers, but new ones as well.

Dove :-
Real beauty sketches, this video got 60.5 million views. Dove uses the help of a police sketch artist in this marketing campaign to show women that they are more beautiful than they think they are by comparing self-descriptions to those of strangers.

Pepsi Generation:-
With around 44 million views, this was a big thing for Pepsi. Pepsi hired the most popular and happening pop artist of all time. “The King of Pop”-Michael Jackson. He made a few brief cameos in this 1984 anthem spot for the “Pepsi Generation” campaign.

Old Spice:-
This campaign has been a huge viral success and took social media by storm, with a charming, shirtless; over-the-top Isaiah Mustafa cast as “Old Spice man”. Comedy done right is a winner, when it comes to online video campaigns.

Axe :-
With 35 million views, AXE hit the minds of men by using sexual appeal of women. And surely, they hit the right chord.

Companies both large and small can see great benefits by using online video. The fact that consumers are ready and willing to watch online video should be more than an incentive; it is now vital to incorporate it into a company’s marketing strategy.

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