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Video: Growth of Online Marketing

A connection with the customer is always at the top of the priority list when it comes to business. In today’s business world it runs on two factors- communication and quality of the service.

Video is the most effective way to communicate with today’s consumer. Today, more than 90% of large businesses in the world use videos as a means for promotion, marketing, customer care and even internally, to invoke the spirit of continuous improvement within a company.

The combined power of the Internet and videos, as a medium, has produced incredible advantages for business. T.V., Radio, Newspapers are no longer the only effective mediums for businesses to connect on a mass scale.

There are a lot of reasons responsible for the growth of online marketing over traditional marketing strategies. Here are some of the most important reasons:

*Internet: Research has shown that almost 85% of people who watch videos online about a particular product, are more likely to buy that product or subscribe to that service. With the Internet being a global connector, there is no stage bigger for a business to promote or advertise its products or services. It is the best platform for businesses to engage an audience, and effectively shows the quality of their services and/or products

*Technology: With the advancement of technology, videos can be produced much more affordably and are accessible over a wide range of formats. Another huge technological advancement that has made this medium explode is greater network bandwidth and increased access to networks, which allows viewers to watch video online and virtually uninterrupted, and in the quality it was intended to be viewed.

*Budget: Improvements and affordability in equipment are another factor. Budgets come down and quality goes up, making an online video marketing strategy a no brainer. Investing in professionals to produce your video content is key for making a good impression on your audience. Take advantage of the quality that’s out there.

Online video content is more affordable and more effective than traditional advertising. Technology, in all its forms, has culminated into making this medium a marketing powerhouse, which should not be ignored.

~Vital Media