Tis’ the Season?

Now that the ghosts and goblins are back in their graves for another year, the push is on for businesses to start thinking of ways to promote for a big one, the Christmas season.
It was a surprise to see that more businesses did not take advantage of online content during the Halloween season. An opportunity to easily produce something fun and entertaining was lost by most. One company that took advantage of this opportunity was Ikea.

The homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, The Shinning, was a very creative and fun way to engage an audience. But was it successful? With over 4,165,681 views on YouTube alone, I’d say yes, very successful. If you’re one of the few who haven’t seen it yet, take a look.


So why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of online content, especially during specific times of the year when seasonal content is likely to be shared? Not in the budget?

The current state of online video advertising, should be enough to convince businesses to implement an online video strategy. Online video is expected to reach 90 percent of all web traffic this year. With statistics like that, online video is a must-have standard piece of a business’ overall digital marketing strategy.

The fact that consumers are ready and willing to watch online video should be more than an incentive, especially during seasonal times of the year, when people are more than happy to get into the spirit of things. Implementation should be mandatory within advertising/marketing budgets in order to seriously connect with today’s consumer. If agencies are not implementing these strategies, then they and their clients are losing out on a very wide and very diverse viewing audience.

Just as advertising agencies create national campaigns; businesses like Vital Media create online video content to supplement those campaigns. These videos provide seamless integration within a national campaign, which is a logical up-sell. With correct positioning, the client will see how much sense it makes to deepen that market penetration. As a result, you get an advertising package that targets all aspects of today’s media, which is an irresistible prospect. The end result is a very satisfied client who knows their money was well spent.

The strategy is not just producing a video, but where to show it in order to maximize its view ability. Every business has social media. It is the most effective way to interact with consumers and stay current. By incorporating video content into your social media platform, you automatically improve your interaction with current consumers and when sharing this content comes into play, the prospect of gaining new consumers is inevitable. And don’t get me started on SEO. We’ll leave that for another day.

With all the advantages of online video content, it will be very interesting and exiting to see the new and creative ways in which companies start engaging audiences online. And, when you factor in the emotional connection you can make during the Christmas season, or any holiday for that matter, it’s a no brainer.

BTW, there’s only 50 more days until Christmas. Make them count.

~ Vital Media