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Custom Videos: The Way to Successful Online Marketing

Whether you are starting a new business or launching a new product or event, multimedia serves as the strongest tool to move your audience effectively. Online marketing is an essential activity in order for your business to reach its probable audience.

Custom online videos have the potential to inspire action, control discourse, and spread ideas in ways that are not attainable by other traditional advertising media. No doubt, custom video production has been a successful contribution in recent marketing strategies.

As the saying goes, a picture can paint a thousand words, so imagine the impact a video can have on targeted customers. In this fast paced digital world, it is imperative that you embrace online video marketing, in order to express your brand’s message efficiently and effectively.

There are many benefits to online video content:

- Today is the age of the Internet. If done in a creative and entertaining way, a video can go viral on social networking sites. Thus, your brand reaching far beyond its expectations. Video has the potential to grab the attention of more potential consumers than other online advertising formats.

- Branded video is a far better way to engage an audience, especially when it comes to mobile. Online video advertising is a powerful tool for mobile, which engages an audience on a level that surpasses traditional advertising methods like print, signage and banners.

- The message or the concept should directly appeal to your particular audience. It is a better way to give a vivid demonstration of the services you provide, while doing so in a creative and timely fashion.

- If done right, online video content should incorporate a consumer’s emotional attachment with the service or product. Thus engaging the viewer on a more personal level, which in turn leads that person to buy.

The current state of online video advertising should be enough to convince businesses to implement an online video strategy. Online video is expected to reach 90 percent of all web traffic this year. With statistics like that, online video is a must-have standard piece of a business’ overall digital marketing strategy

A professionally produced video is recommended. There are many elements that need to be considered for the creation of a video that gains consumers trust. You might think that using your mobile cell phone is enough to create online content, but will it make a good impression? All the elements from video quality, lighting, sound, editing, music, etc… need to come together in order to make your business look professional and trustworthy. If one of theses aspects isn’t met, and the quality isn’t there, what will that say to potential consumers? If you are thinking of doing it yourself just to have content on your site, DON’T. It will defeat the purpose and potentially damage your credibility.

Take a look at this example produced for Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge. Their marketing relied on pamphlets, email and word of mouth, which wasn’t working. After having an online promotional video produced, they saw enrollment to their classes increase immensely.


It might not be as expensive as you think. The cost of producing high quality video has come down in recent years and has allowed businesses to allot more of their marketing budgets to the online space. So, if you take your business seriously, then there is no excuse not to invest in professionally produced online video content. At the end of the day, it will pay for itself and you will find your money was well spent.

~Vital Media