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Brands thinking outside the box

A lot of ads out there today are stiff, lame, and usually predictable. But there are some brands that refuse to fit that stereotype. Much like this UK cloud-based software platform Thunderhead. This is not only outside the box, its basically outside the stratosphere. A lot of people think there has to be a hard sell for people to get the picture, but only the real forward thinkers understand that all you have to do is find a way to make them remember you. Blow their minds with something they’ve never seen before and they’ll be lining up.

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Anthony Bourdain Has No Reservations About Online Video

The TV host with the most… air miles, has made a surprising move to online video advertising. Anthony Bourdain, an American chef and TV personality, is widely known for his New York Times bestselling non-fiction book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.

This led to a number of popular ‘foodie’ television series’ including No Reservations, The Layover and most recently, CNN’s Parts Unknown. Bourdain is known as a culinary bad boy, someone who does not refrain from using profanity and sexual references when on camera, a persona that swaggers, while rock’n the shit out of his own drum. But now this rock star chef wants to be a sell out and endorse a product? For shame!

Hold your horsemeat! Bourdain isn’t stooping to the level of a Guy Fieri. He’s not putting his face on everything from salsa to cookware. Eeesh. I shutter every time I see Guy putting his sausage fingers into a dish that someone is still preparing, and then sucks on them with orgasmic pleasure. But I digress. Bourdain is still keeping his cool roots intact by endorsing Scotch, The Balvenie to be exact. And he’s doing it in the same laid-back style as his TV series’, where he travels the US showcasing artisans working at their craft.

Check out the first video in the series, where Bourdain meets up with two metalworkers in Syracuse, New York and is shown what goes into creating cast-iron skillets by hand.

 Other than a few well-placed product placements, the message behind the Raw Craft series is not focusing on the product at all, but on craftsmanship itself. Craftsmanship is definitely associated in the creation of a good Scotch and this series is a fantastic way for The Balvenie to promote their brand without a hard sell. Viewers will appreciate the entertainment and creative value these videos have to offer, while learning something new along the way. They are a great example of how a company can produce long version online content that keeps a viewers interest, while subtly promoting their brand. No doubt, having a huge television personality like Anthony Bourdain as the designated driver is a major bonus, to say the least.


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Philip Bloom – The Wonder List

No matter how much you think you know about creating truly inspiring content, or the art of cinematography, choosing the right equipment, or the best way to tell a great story…there will always be more to learn.

Philip Bloom is a filmmaker that we’ve got a lot of respect for. Why? Because he loves what he does, and he’s damn good at it. Not only does he produce beautiful and inspiring work, he also takes the time to share his knowledge with aspiring filmmakers. He happily walks you through the equipment he used, how he used it, and why he decided to use particular pieces of equipment over others. Not to mention how he goes about colour grading, which software he uses, what frame rates he shoots, and why he chooses specific lenses and aspect ratios, etc.

Of course when creating any form of art, there is no ‘right answer’ But the beauty of Philip is that he doesn’t claim to have the answers. He just creates work he’s passionate about, and shares his process.

We continue to learn from him and follow his career closely. What we love most of all about Philip Bloom above all else is that he is completely egoless. He knows there is enough out there for everyone. He’s not worried about holding onto all his production secrets in fear that someone might come along and do it better. No wonder he’s so successful. We’ve been following him for almost 3 years now, and have always known that he was a guy we wanted to see succeed. Which is why we’re so excited for the new documentary series he shot for CNN called ‘The Wonder List’ He travels to all corners of the earth capturing unbelievably incredible footage. We’ll be looking out for it, and if you want to learn from the best… you should too.

We knew it was only a matter of time. Philip..if this post ever finds it way to you, thank you from

Check out the trailer!